Anonymous asked:
    where did you get "isn't it pretty to think so?"

    its on my kindle, you can buy it off amazon. pretty much sold out in barnes and nobles in nyc

    anjodee asked:
    149. Do you believe in ghosts?


    daz why i dont fuxx with no ouiji boards

    Anonymous asked:
    What makes you say this?

    cause i get into relationships that dont work out well and then i tell myself never again haha and it just happens again

    you can never find someone who is just okay with what you are and everything is a mess, peoples feelings get hurt and you lose yourself sometimes

    i dont like it haha 

    Anonymous asked:
    Are you in love ?

    love is a fucking mess

    hippiestonerboy asked:
    "It's obvious that there is nothing healthy about my staying up watching 'Weeds' until 3 in the morning "--that's not true. sometimes (for long periods of time) the brain needs to relax, and Weeds is a great show for that

    im surprised you even read my blog haha i dont expect people to

    Anonymous asked:
    You should post more pictures of your ootd's on your instagram. I love your style!

    haha thank you, winter is cold, style in the spring will be killer

    v0tum asked:
    lets get married


    Anonymous asked:
    whats your fb link?

    not gonna post it cause if i dont know you then im not going to accept you anyway. sozz

    Anonymous asked:
    what is your ethnicity?


    Anonymous asked:
    how tall are you?


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